How to wear a ring is a knowledge. According to Western traditional habits, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. As for the right hand, it is meaningful to have a finger wearing a ring traditionally, that is, the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here means that it has the heart of a nun.



Fingers and Rings

There is also a kind of ring. When you wear it, no matter where you wear, it doesn't make any sense. This ring is a general flower ring. This ring just has the decorative effect that can be worn on any finger you want.



It is very strange that the ring is worn on the thumb, so it is not recommended. The ring is worn on the index finger and it feels more personal. The most formal wear method is wearing on the middle finger. If you don't want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple ring on the left or right finger. The ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, and the ring finger is relatively slender, so no matter what ring to wear, it seems elegant.



When wearing a more designable ring, if you want to have a more personal style, consider using another ring with the same material and a simple line design on the other finger. If the material properties of the ring can be matched with the watch, it couldn’t be better. For example, if you wear a lovely flower ring, you can wear a leather gold frame watch. If you don't have too many watches or rings to change, consider shifting the ring-worn hand and the watch-worn hand, and don't let the uncoordinated two pieces appear on the same hand.


Rings are more than just decorations. What kind of ring do you like to wear? Which finger you like to wear will reveal your heart story.


For women:

  • . Love pink diamonds or pink corals are emotional and romantic.
  • . Love rubies or rubellite are passionate.
  • . Love sapphire or aquamarine are less introverted.
  • . Love emerald or Turquoise are weak of feelings.

    For men:

  • . Wearing a sterling silver ring means the temperament is mild and easy to move to others.
  • . Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to their interests and often have a savvy business mind.
  • . People wear jade ring pay attention to the taste quality, and work rigorously.

  • Fingers and rings:

  • The ring is worn on different fingers can reflect the psychological meaning associated with personality.
  • . Wear on the index finger, the character is more extreme and reluctant.
  • . Wear on the right middle finger, advocating the concept of life in the moderation.
  • . Wear on the left middle finger, have a sense of responsibility, and value the family.
  • . Wear on the small finger, have a feeling of inferiority.
  • . Wear on the ring finger, no ambition, easygoing, less care about gains and losses.
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