When gem lovers are buying monogram silver necklace,the most learned buying tips are choosing bright colors, fine cuts, inside clean and flawless gemstones. However, there are very few natural gemstones to be flawless and crackless, so everyone must learn to "tolerate".

Generally speaking, "flaw" refers to the inclusions such as cracks and inclusions in the gemstone, which affect the clarity and value of the gemstone. The inclusions are internal features of the gemstone, which may be solids, liquids or gases, encapsulating the crystals as they grow, or filling (or partially filling) the cleavage, cracks and fractures after the matrix material has grown. Inclusions include inclusions, ribbons, growth lines, cleavage, cracks, and so on. Among them, the inclusions are rich in variety and often used as the basis for gem identification.
Any natural gemstones, there will be natural inclusions, but the size is different. For fancy colored gemstones, the value of the inclusions is significantly less than the color, and more importantly is color and brightness of the gemstones, as well as the cut, as an analysis and evaluation of the whole gemstone.
Let's take a look at the gems that are hot on the auction floor even if you have these "flaws".
The oval-shaped Colombian emerald, surrounded by pearls, makes this monogram ring full of fascinating colors. But only from the picture can clearly see its floc-like inclusions, and then this did not shake the buyer's purchase determination, the final transaction price: $ 521,200 US dollars.monogram rings
This vintage engraved necklace features Colombian emeralds and works from the late 19th century. It can be seen from the pictures that almost every jewel has a big or small plaque, and the buyer “tolerates” these shackles.

The jewelry set produced in 1825, the olive green of the ocean is different from the emerald retro and the lively of the grass, but it is more stable, and the center of the gem also highlights the white inclusion.
Ruby brooch, vertical jewels can stretch the body, the top of the third jewel is also very obvious, this transparent ruby brooch also shot high prices.
The pair of earrings consists of sapphire and ruby. The large asymmetrical design is very rare, and the small dot-like inclusions do not affect its high price.
Elizabeth Taylor has a collection of unique Bulgari top monogrammed necklace pieces, which have a perfect green color, even with some natural flaws, it is still the most legendary set of emerald diamonds.

From the Bulgari Emerald Collection of Elizabeth Taylor's collection to the annual auction of Christie's and Sotheby's, most of them are not clean, and the "flaws" are arrogant in the middle of the tens of thousands of dollars of emerald works. The owner who took it into the bag did not disregard its "flaws". Most of the gemstones with low output and high price are almost not clean.

Fancy colored gems use color to occupy the aesthetic field and collection market that diamonds cannot be involved. Clarity is not the main factor in mastering the fate of gems. Don't blindly choose the bare stone according to whether the gems are “clean”, but will go into the wrong zone and miss a lot of beautiful rare stones, even buy imitations. It is precisely because professional buyers know how to “tolerate” flaws that they will have these amazing and beautiful auction birthstone necklaces.

Not all gems are going to pursue high clarity, sometimes for greater visual impact and artistic enjoyment. You can go to "tolerate" these flaws and even appreciate and like them.
With so much to say, we just want to tell everyone that you should appreciate the overall visual experience that a gem brings to you instead of simply pursuing clarity. Learn to appreciate beauty and learn to accept its imperfections.

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