Those who are well versed in fashion jewelry accessories must have a unique understanding of jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is also a common type nowadays. Many people have heard of gold filled jewelry, but they are not clear about what it is, some may even know little about how to identify it. Here we will introduce gold filled cute necklaces to you.


Gold Filled Jewelry

The so-called gold filled means that gold foil is attached to the surface of metal jewelry to give people a visual sense of golden and bright appearance. The first gold-filled appeared in 1817. At that time, the production process was a layer of copper or silver thin pieces of gold, and then rolled, so that the cheap name necklace jewelry produced will look bling. The result is a piece of jewelry that glints with gold but doesn't fade, and looks similar to gold jewelry, making it hard to tell the real one from the fake.

Gold-filled, not electroplated, originated in the 19th century in Sheffield, England. Although the amount of K gold custom cufflinks content is relatively small, the appearance is exquisite and fashionable, and it is popular in the United States and Europe. Rolled gold is a method of wrapping extremely thin gold or K gold foil on the surface of a silver or metal casing by mechanical force rolling or high temperature welding. It is generally used for larger accessories, such as gold ring, gold bracelet and so on. When the amount of precious metal and the purity of precious metal are expressed in 1/1014K, the fraction refers to the ratio of the thickness of the gold foil to the thickness of the casing, and the purity of the gold foil is 14K gold. The thickness of the precious metal on the surface is regulated by industry standards. It is characterized by durability, long lasting color sister rings, and almost no difference from pure K gold.

The gold-filled jewelry is a layer of gold on the jewelry made of silver. It can be said that the gold filled is wrapped in silver with gold foil and exquisite handicrafts. Moreover, the number of gold foil layers covered with gold jewelry varies, with many having three or more layers, while others only have one layer.

How to identify gold-filled jewelry?

Since there are different layers of gold filled, how do we identify it? Compared with gold plating, gold-filled jewelry is less prone to fading. This is why craftsmen choose gold-filled jewelry. In fact, we just need to look at the characters. Gold-filled jewelry often has the words "1/10 24K", "1/10 18K", "1/20 18K" or "24KF", "18KF", etc. We can identify and distinguish based on these signs when buying initial rings.

How to identify the gold content of gold filled?

To understand the gold content of gold-filled jewelry, we can use the grinding method. The grinding method is to grind the gold channel on the touchstone, and calculate the thickness of the gold channel according to the length of the gold channel, and estimate the content of gold by combining the volume of the jewelry. The grinding method of gold filled is different from pure gold name necklace cheap. It is also need to pay attention to whether the thickness of the inside and outside and the wear and tear are consistent. In general, gold-filled jewelry can be ground layer by layer. For example, a pair of gold-filled tins grinds a four-point golden path on the touchstone. It turned out to be two layers of gold leaves. About 0.8 grams. The quality of gold-filled jewelry depends on the number of gold-filled layers and exquisite workmanship. The more layers of gold foil, the higher the gold content, and the better the quality. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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