The size of the ring is especially important for the comfort of wearing the ring. When buying a diamond ring, couples should pay attention to accurately measure the size of the ring. How to know the size of the ring, how to measure the size of the ring? Some boys want to surprise the girl, so they can only sneak to measure the size of the finger when the girl is asleep, what should pay attention to when measuring the size of the ring? Let's take a look.



How to Determine Ring Size

If you are measuring yourself, you can prepare a note or a rope, a pen, and a ruler. Rotate the rope or paper strip around the thickest position of the finger to measure, and tighten; then use the pen to make a mark on the same position of the two loops of the rope, take off the rope and straighten it, and measure the length between the two mark points with a ruler. This length is the circumference of the finger.



What should pay attention to when measuring the size of the ring?

  • 1. Pay attention to the time of measuring the hand: the circumference of the finger will be different due to the influence of thermal expansion and contraction. It is best not to measure when it is too cold in the morning or evening, or when it is too hot at noon, the measured ring size may not be very accurate. In the winter, you can choose a slightly larger ring size; in the summer, you can choose a smaller ring size.
  • 2. When measuring the size of the ring, measure the thickest part of the finger. Because when people wearing the ring, they will pass the knuckle. If the measurement is not the thickest part of the knuckle, the ring can not be worn.
  • 3. Multiple measurements take the average: personal measurement will inevitably have errors, you can measure the ring size multiple times to ensure the accuracy of the data.


    How to see the ring size comparison table

    The ring size comparison table is different from different countries. The common ones are American size and Hong Kong size. When you buy a ring, you should ask the merchant to see which ring size is available.

  • 1. What kind of ring can be resized?
  • To adjust the ring size, it must use metals that jewelers can use, such as silver, gold, platinum, and so on. There is also a need for enough space to do the actual work.

  • 2. How much can a jeweler make my ring smaller or bigger?
  • Normally, the ring can be increased or decreased in two sizes.

  • 3. How do jewelers adjust the ring size to a smaller size?


    To make the ring smaller, the jeweler will cut out a ring and circle it into a perfect circle, weld them together, then clean and polish it. Once this process is completed, there is no evidence that the ring has been cut. It looks exactly the same, but it will fit better. The simpler the setting, the simpler the process.


    You must ask the jeweler to return the remaining metal cut from your ring. This is the so-called "safety switch". If you need to make the ring bigger in the future, it will be very convenient to do it. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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