With the popularity of DIY becoming more and more popular in China, not only children but also many adults have joined the ranks of DIY. I have to admit that creative DIY gives many people the chance to realize their dreams.


There are large and small DIY handmade production in life, but also bring us different production experience, exquisite life comes from exquisite you! In simple terms, DIY without the restrictions of professional qualifications, just do it, everyone can make a private use DIY custom-made gift, action is better than thinking, start your performance!

Name necklace is also called alphabet necklace. It is a necklace specially customized with the words and symbols you need. Different from other mass-produced jewelry, make your own name into a unique necklace is more self-revealing and more publicity personality.

There are various name necklaces on the market now, Now from four or five years old children, to students in their teens, teenagers in their 20s, college students, non-mainstream, to Office Lady in their 20s and 40s are blowing this popular trend. Now this kind of name necklace manufacture craft has been very mature, it is said to be the craft that spread over from France and Japan.

Necklace as common jewelry is composed of two parts of chain and main decorations, and contemporary jewelry necklace seems to be gradually breaking this tradition, the chain is no longer to play a simple link hanging role, but also become a visual focus.


Determine an element as the main melody of the whole necklace, adjust the size and details of each part to form a complete work in a proper way. It is such a way of production that determines the degree of simplicity of the finished products varies from day to day. Those with green hands can also produce their own works, and those with strong abilities can give unlimited play to their fantastic ideas.


Present in the same kind of element of change is more can let a person into which the contracted but not simple, viewers will sigh its singularity, the author in pursuit of perfection in every part of the injection of huge energy and time to coordinate and link layer upon layer building also need inspiration and skill. Of how delicate, a unit depends on the author's technique strength, in one of the longer immersed artist can present an amazing work.

In this era of mechanized banging, it seems that everything is exquisite and beautiful, the assembly line gives the standard and the output, but forgets the temperature and story that should belong to each item. The temperature of the hand-made thing can't be replaced by machine and speed. This article will teach you how to make a name necklace, the customized name necklaces with your name mean unique and timeless moments. Only by hands-on experience can you feel the real charm of hand-made jewelry.

How to make a name necklace

How to make a name necklace?

We need you with the caring eyes, hand-made traces, steady breathing, quiet work, and a pure heart. They may not be perfect, they may be flawed, they may require repeated application of your patience, but these tiny imperfections will become the most memorable memories in production.

Making a sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry in person is unique both in meaning and result. This time, I brought you a special letter necklace, a design that can't find at the store.

Letter Necklace: Also known as the name necklace, it is a necklace specially made with the words and symbols you need. Different from other mass-produced jewelry, the name is customized into a unique necklace, which is more self-expression and more individuality. The first star to lead fashion is Jessica, the actress Carrie in the American drama "Sex and the City" wears a carrie name necklace. So far, the letter necklace has been worn by stars and become a prop of famous film and television works. Before you start, you need to identify the materials you need, such as birthstone, gold, sterling silver, etc. In addition, you must determine your own letter, the length of the necklace.

  • 1. Draw a design
  • First, you have to paint your design with a pencil. This step is very important because you need to think how to make the whole word in a streamlined form - the line need to continuous, it can be very ingenious, some letters are hard to make cursive!

  • 2. Make a brass prototype
  • You need to make a brass prototype to make sure you got all the curves and connections. This is the stage that needs to rework to look if it is close to the drawing design.

  • 3. Make a version
  • When you think it is completely correct, you can make a necklace of semi-hard sterling silver 10mm wire. You need to use a semi-hard line instead of a soft one because it provides a brighter line and keeps its shape.

  • 4. Hammer to enhance the hardness
  • After the shape is formed, gently hammer it to finalize the design and hardness, then add buttons and chains. Finally, a name necklace made by you comes into being.

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