Since ancient times, rubies have always occupied the most unique position in the long history of mankind. Ruby is recognized as the king of the most valuable colored gemstones in human beings. It is deeply loved by the people of the East and West with her unique red charm. No one can resist the overbearing beauty of ruby. Ruby was once considered to be the most precious of all gems. Everyone's understanding of rubies is mainly based on color and rarity. Another reason people like rubies is because of their symbolic meaning. Ruby’s ebullient red always makes people linking it with enthusiasm and love. Passionate love is people's yearning, so the ruby is also known as the "stone of love", a symbol of love passion, a symbol of the beauty of love angel wing necklace, and the eternity and constancy of love. Wearing ruby jewelry is generous, elegant, and full of enthusiasm.



July Birthstone - Ruby



The benefits of ruby

1. Red symbolizes vigorous life with a very positive energy. Natural ruby has the pure energy of nature, which can enhance the vitality of the wearer, making people more youthful, energetic, and full of passion.

2. Red is also a passionate color that gives the owner enthusiasm and vitality, majesty and courage. Even if you are discouraged, it can give you confidence to face the future and give you momentum.

3. In Chinese culture, red personalized birthstone necklace symbolizes festive auspiciousness, so it can bring a pleasant mood to the wearer. It can relax the body and mind, relieve the pressure and tension in the heart, and help to solve problem.

4. It can promote blood circulation and circulation in the body, enhances metabolism, purifies blood and detoxifies, and even maintains vision.

5. With its unique brilliance, ruby personalized mothers rings can make people shine and rejuvenate its natural charm, helping the wearer to attract the attention of the people around. For those who love beauty, why not choose it! 



It has all the qualities that a precious gem should have: fascinating beauty, excellent durability and high rarity. The ruby of high quality is a rare treasure.



How to select ruby

  • 1. Pigeon blood red is the top ruby
  • The pigeon blood red is not to describe the color level of the ruby friendship rings, but the description of the top gem. Because of the scarce production area, it is very collectible for jewelry lovers. The ruby produced in Myanmar is the most authentic pigeon blood red in the traditional sense, and it is also the most popular necklace photo. The price will be relatively higher. In addition, the pigeon blood red from Mozambique can be compared with Myanmar in terms of color and clarity, and it is also more collectible!


  • 2. The bigger the carat, the better
  • In fact, the price does not determine the color of ruby, but in terms of particle size, it must be the bigger the better. The identification of pigeon blood red usually starts with a gemstone of more than 1 carat.


  • 3. No processing, the redder the better
  • There are many colors of rubies cheap necklaces, the best is darker solid red, followed by reddish purple, darker pink, purple, slightly brownish red. Other such as brown red, black red, very light pink are poorer ruby. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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