For many formal occasions, cufflinks are the only accessory a man can wear, aside from wedding rings and wristwatches. As a rare decoration for men, cufflinks not only show the exquisite modern craftsmanship, but also reflect the wearer's taste. Cufflinks are used on cufflink shirts in place of an object in the cufflink button part, the size is about the same as ordinary buttons. Because the materials of cufflinks are mostly precious metals, gems cheap personalized necklaces, etc., cufflinks have been worn by aristocratic auras since the day they were born. Up to now, the wearing of cufflinks has also been an important condition for measuring the men’s taste.


Mens Cufflinks

The History of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are said to have originated in ancient Greece, probably from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque period. More than 300 years ago, for the purpose of protecting against the cold, French nobles used ribbons and satin to tie the lace on their wrists. With the progress of the times, the chain gradually replaced the role of ribbons and satin, and the precursor to cufflinks began to appear as chain of sleeve.


Cufflinks are mostly made of materials such as precious stones or precious metals over time. Therefore, cufflinks have become a symbol of identity and wealth, and are loved by upper-class people such as nobles customized name necklace cheap. The earliest information on the cufflinks was in the London Gazette in 1684, which recorded a pair of diamond cufflinks. With the advent of the industrial revolution at the end of the 18th century, the productive forces developed rapidly and people began to live a rich material life. Double cufflinks for French shirts began to appear, and cufflinks gradually became a decorative customizable best friend necklaces fashion for gentlemen.


How to Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are not suitable for a shirt with buttons on one side and buttonholes on the other. Cufflinks are used on specialized cufflink shirts, such as French shirts, which require cufflinks to hold the two cuffs together. The specific wearing method is: if the cuff contacting the skin is called A side, and the other side is called B side, the cufflink shirt is one where the A side of the cuff touches the other. The cuffs on the two sides are closed, and the cuffs on both sides are flattened and aligned personalized necklaces cheap, and then align the buttonholes, thread the cufflinks into the buttonholes and fix them.

It is worth noting that when you choose the right shirt and turn the cuffs outward, make sure that the edges of the cuffs are flush with each other, and when the arms hang down naturally, the side with the decorative cufflinks should face outward.


Tie-in choice

Although the cufflinks are small, the styles are ever-changing. In addition to the traditional circles and squares, there are shapes such as water drops, threads and Chinese knots. There are various patterns such as animals, cartoons, and constellations. There are also elegant and playful styles solid gold name necklace.


Generally speaking, when choosing cufflinks, you should choose the same color as the belt buckle and tie clip. The black cufflinks are versatile and suitable for most occasions. If you want to attend a large fashion party or reception, gold custom name necklace cheap is a better choice. Cufflinks with white shirts and black dresses will make the wearer very noble. Because the crystal glass cufflinks are transparent, it is best to pair with a white shirt, while the red shirt with gold cufflinks has a gorgeous feel, and the silver cufflinks create a calm and reliable atmosphere for the wearer.


"Sleeve cuffs should be slightly exposed on suit cuffs." I think everyone should know. When wearing a suit, the matching of cufflinks is also particular. In business occasions, the color of the cufflinks should be mainly "low-key" cool colors. In casual occasions such as wedding banquets, the color of the cufflinks can be matched brighter. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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