Tourmaline has a short history of being used as gem, but because of its beauty of bright colors and high transparency, it won people's love and is called charming gem when it appeared. In the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty, there were more tourmaline ornaments. Today, tourmaline is a beloved mid-range gemstone variety, known as the birthstone for October. 


Tourmaline is also called verdelite. The name Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese Turmali, which means "mixed gemstone". It is said that the origin of tourmaline was in 1703. In Amsterdam, Netherlands, there were a few children playing with the stones brought back by Dutch navigators. They found that in addition to the strange colors appearing in the sun, these stones could attract or repel light objects such as dust or grass, so the Dutch call it ash tracker. Until 1768, the famous Swedish scientist Linnes discovered that tourmaline also has piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. That's where verdelite got its name.


October Birthstone Tourmaline

Tourmaline style matching

When choosing the tourmaline cheap name bracelets jewelry, in addition to paying attention to the matching of the tourmaline tones, we should also pay attention to whether the style of tourmaline jewelry is consistent with your temperament and clothing style. Each person has different style tendencies because of different face, body, character, and temperament. The custom pet necklace style tendency of the person has determined which style of clothing and jewelry he is suitable for.


Elegant tourmaline jewelry: rich in curvaceous beauty and have fragile feeling, such as bracelets arranged in small flowers, or carefully carved tourmaline rings, etc., is suitable for people with round lines, gentle temperament and extremely feminine. Elegant styles can be worn with a lightweight fabric skirt to match the transparent, delicate tourmaline engraved photo necklace jewelry.


Classic tourmaline jewelry: exquisite, noble, suitable for urban women who have a good face shape and elegant temperament. The tourmaline necklace pendant is close to the neck, the coin-sized button-type tourmaline earrings, etc. can be matched with the classic high-grade, straight-cut clothing, which can fully reflect the traditional cheap name necklace style.


Natural tourmaline jewelry: rough, natural, and more with leaves and other shapes to make pins and pendants. It is suitable for tall, athlete-style people. Natural style people's dresses should be simple and generous, without leaving traces of luxury design. The overall style is relaxed and chic.


Dramatic tourmaline jewelry: bold, exaggerated and individual. It is suitable for people who are tall with sharp facial features and stand out everywhere. Dramatic people's dresses and accessories should have a strong sense of the times and fashion picture necklace. They are suitable for wearing bold shapes of tourmaline earrings, large tourmaline rings and other decorative accessories.


Avant-garde tourmaline jewelry: small, novel, ingenious and very individual. It is suitable for lively people have nifty girl or boy temperament. Avant-garde style people can use ultra-short designs made of exotic fabrics to dress up themselves, and they will be unique.


Romantic tourmaline jewelry: more use of bows, petals, flower heart shape, smooth and beautiful lines. It is suitable for people who are moderate figure, sleek, sexy, and have charming doll-like eyes. Romantic photo necklace style people are best to wear tight-fitting, sexy-designed clothing, decorated with large corrugated lace. With flower-shaped design of tourmaline earrings or thin necklace with beautiful tourmaline pendants, the romantic overflows are sure to make a man dazzled.


Everyday collocation is to express yourself to the maximum extent, wear personalized jewelry that suits your professional personality and taste to give full play to the connotation of tourmaline emotional culture, and fully reflect your unique taste and personal charm. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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