Getting to know turquoise was very early. At that time, people told me that turquoise abroad was a birthstone in December and a precious name and birthstone necklace. When it comes to collecting turquoise and operating turquoise, I did like this. After I have said so many times, I don't even have a faith in my heart, why is turquoise the birthstone of December? Why is it not May or the birthstone of August? This question makes me a lot of confusion. Whether it is a book or a website in China, no one gives a detailed description. That's the same sentence over and over again: turquoise is the birthstone of December.

Search for December birthstone meaningI can't remember a book or an advertising brochure that saw a list. There are diamonds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and turquoise. Turquoise solid gold name necklace does come in December. Apart from that, there is no other text. The inner suspense was not resolved.

After I arrived in the United States, I still had to figure out why turquoise is December turquoise, because after all, it is recognized abroad, especially the United States also produces turquoise and has a long history and well-researched. With the help of people, I got a poem about the birth stone in December:

If the cold December gave you life, A month full of snow, cold and joy. Put a piece of blue turquoise in your hand, No matter what you do, you will succeed.

The author of this poem is unknown. First included in a 1870 pamphlet by the famous jeweller Tiffany & Co. It is this poem that illustrates the relationship between turquoise monogrammed necklace and December.
Keeping pursuing, I saw a passage from Percy (Swedish) philosopher AL kazwini: "I wear turquoise on my hand and go hunting, and I will never be poor." After reading this passage, my mind revered ancient human respect for turquoise. There is a picture of ice and snow. The little blue that people only hunt in the ice and snow indicates the spring and hope. Blue and green are just as overwhelming as hope.

In this way, the charm of turquoise was identified, and the relationship between turquoise and December, winter, and hunting was identified. Based on research, the official jewelry association has not released a list of so-called anniversary stones or a list of December birth stones, but the American Jewellery Association and the American Jewelry Trade Association recognize and support this list. This list also shows that turquoise monogram silver necklace is still the fifth and fifteenth anniversary of people's marriage.

Except for that poem more than a hundred years ago, there is no reason. This is how people live and continue to use this ancient gem. It will be worn solemnly every December, and on the fifth or fifteenth anniversary of the wedding personalized birthstone rings, they will buy turquoise specifically to commemorate their marriage and celebrate their happiness.

At this moment, I was like a lost boy standing at the crossroads, and my heart was full of confusion. For me who likes to get to the bottom, this result is naturally very unsatisfactory. Maybe the mountain of language blocked me, or the culture of wearing turquoise, I don’t know much about it, or the river of that culture I didn’t travel past it. Yes, culture is a convention, a long history and a long history. No reason for that. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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