Send a beautiful girl tourmaline should figure out what the meaning is

The tourmaline is rich in color and is known as the rainbow that falls into the world, but most people are captured by the tourmaline, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because of the beautiful meaning contained in the tourmaline, as a gift to others. At the time, these meanings can also help us express our good wishes.


  • 1. The meaning of red tourmaline

  • The red tourmaline solid gold name necklace has a hot appearance, showing a passion and publicity. Everyone knows that Chinese people like red because it symbolizes vitality and celebration. Red tourmaline has auspicious meaning in love, life and career.
  • If you give red tourmaline to your favorite heterosexual wear, it can attract wonderful love and add fuel to the fate; if it is used between husband and wife, red tourmaline can increase the love between husband and wife, but also to the role of bringing luck to husband; if it is at work, wearing red tourmaline monogram silver necklace can make people full of vitality and passion, bring a good relationship and a harmonious working environment.

  • 2. The meaning of green tourmaline

  • It is estimated that in addition to red, Chinese people also have a soft spot for green. Because the color of green and spring leaves, grass is blended, it is full of vitality.
  • Green tourmaline has the meaning of good health and hope. When we see green, we see new hopes, and we think of the rebirth of vitality. People who wear green tourmalines can keep their moods comfortable all the year round. Secondly, the green tourmaline also has the meaning of fortune. The green tourmaline is made into a name bracelet or worn with a wallet and other things, which can attract money.
  • 3. The meaning of blue tourmaline
  • Seeing the blue tourmaline, it is like seeing the clear ocean and the clear blue sky, full of beautiful and pure. Personally, I love blue mostly, because whether it is far-sighted or close-looking, there is a feeling of being away from the world.
  • The blue tourmaline is not as glamorous as the red tourmaline, but it has a sensible and calm temperament. Whether you are a business or a working employee, wearing a blue tourmaline custom friendship necklace can help us calmly deal with difficulties and solve problems. Therefore, the blue tourmaline symbolizes a kind of wisdom and tolerance.
  • 4. The meaning of watermelon tourmaline
  • Watermelon tourmaline is a special type among the many varieties of tourmaline. It has this name because it has two colors of green and red and forms a watermelon-like appearance.
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  • The watermelon is multi-seed, and the meat is very red, which indicates that the watermelon tourmaline has many sons and blessings, and the meaning of life is bustling and lively.
  • 5. The meaning of black tourmaline
  • Maybe you see that black tourmaline personalized name necklace will feel a dark feeling, but black is also classic, its stability is unmatched by other colors, and black can match any color, with a wide tolerance.
  • The person wearing the black tourmaline can give a mature and stable feeling and reflect the importance of the self. Moreover, the black tourmaline has the meaning of health and longevity, and its energy can bring vitality and maintain health.
  • 6. The meaning of yellow tourmaline
  • Yellow tourmaline has the radiance of the sun and the golden light, and is a symbol of honor.
  • In ancient times, the use of yellow on the robes of the king was a symbol of power. To this day, yellow is as dazzling as gold, and is a representative of wealth. Therefore, wearing a yellow tourmaline can bring good luck to the career and wealth.
  • 7. The meaning of the cat's eye tourmaline
  • The cat's eye tourmaline is like the cat's eyes with a keen eye in the dark, meaning agile and clever.
  • Wearing a cat's eye tourmaline, you can be good at life in life, in the work, keep a smart mind, grasp every opportunity for promotion. And the cat's eye tourmaline can add unique charm to the decoration, it is absolutely a good choice.

  • 8. The meaning of purple tourmaline

  • Purple tourmaline has an elegant and graceful temperament, which has always been given a mysterious color.
  • People who wear purple tourmaline can charge their brains, stimulate their imagination, bring inspiration and creativity when they are upset at work. Therefore, purple tourmaline is a symbol of creativity.

  • If you send it right, you can express your heart, so in order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to understand the meaning of different colors of tourmaline. In order to avoid giving the wrong gift, it is easy to make a joke. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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