Today, we should also take a picture to talk about the small jewelry that holds a couple - the ring. The ring we are talking about today may not be related to "romantic".

Some strange ring's history and meaning

Is it honey or arsenic?- Secret of the poison ring:

Time was set back in the Middle Ages. We were sitting at a dining table, smiling and speaking near the table. A lady sitting on the left, gently raised her hand and rubbed the goblet, but the monogram ring between her fingers leaked deadly powder, which melted into the wine and disappeared. She smiled slightly, as if she had done only a trivial matter.

This is not an exaggerated fictional plot of a film and television drama. It is said that Pope Alexander VI's daughter, Luke Rezia Borgia, is an expert at using rings: the ring in her hands is an excellent secret weapon.

There are too many secrets hidden in the ring. The ancient European emperors hid poison in the ring in order to kill himself after being captured and win the final dignity; some femme fatales turned it into an out-of-the-box "killer". Even more emotional, spices can be placed in the ring, becoming a portable fragrance source.

Later, someone put a portrait of a loved one and hair in this cassette sister ring. Gently stroking the ring, it seems to be able to convey thoughts, or as a consolation. This also became the prototype of mourning jewelry in the future.

The unknown adds a hint of mystery to this jewellery, so that later top jewelers are still fascinated to design the "secret ring".

Romance of the Trainee Knight
Seal ring style
In addition to poison cheap promise rings, there is another kind of ring that dates back to the Old Testament which is the seal ring. This "gentleman's ring" is often seen as a personal signature or a symbol of family heritage.

For European noble men, the seal ring is almost the most direct proof of status and class. It represents that the wearer was born in a family with a badge logo, both glory and responsibility. At that time, the king's seal was the most precious seal.

The seal ring can also be used for seals and stamps, using a unique family crest or monogram as a seal, which is even more convincing than a signature.

In the name of "guardian"- The evolution of the guard ring
The ring guards love and glory, but there is another kind of ring. This kind of ring called "Keeper ring", the earliest meaning is to prevent another valuable promise ring for her from slipping off your finger.

When diamond rings became popular in the mid-18th century, people would wear another guard ring to protect large and expensive diamond rings. These guard rings have different styles. Gold, enamel, gemstones ... all kinds of materials are possible.

But in the later period, the guardian ring became more and more delicate and more and more precious, and it could no longer serve the role of "guardian". As the 19th century diamond ring gradually evolved into an engagement ring, the guardian ring became a true wedding custom birthstone ring. Later, the word "guard ring" also became history. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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