Presumably, when you see the jewelry marked with Topaz in the jewelry store, you will have such a question. Indeed, Topaz has attracted the attention of the public because of its brilliant color and dazzling gloss, but the public is not very clear about what Topaz is, so let’s take a look at Topaz personalized name necklace together.


Something about Topaz


What is Topaz? 

Topaz, also known as Toparizona, belongs to the Topaz family in mineralogy, and is a type of colored gemstones. The main chemical composition of topaz is silicate minerals, which are produced in Brazil, Mexico, the Ural Mountains and Scotland. Of course, China's Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Jiangxi also have output.



The color of topaz is generally colorless, yellow, blue, and red, and very few are green. Among the topaz color types, deep red topaz custom name necklace is the most valuable, followed by pink, and then there is blue and yellow, the lowest value is the colorless topaz.

The most common "topaz" in nature is colorless. Natural dark blue topaz is rare. A large number of dark blue topaz on the market are treated. People combined radiation and heat treatment to make the topaz blue. Since the 1970s, the treated blue topaz stones have become affordable and have a wide market. When first marketed, the selling price was $ 20 to $ 40 per carat, but oversupply caused the price to drop sharply, to a few dollars per carat or less.

Many western countries like to make topaz promise rings for her into beautifully shaped jewelry to wear, because in the eyes of westerners, topaz is a talisman. Its charming colors can eliminate evil and purify the soul. So people chose topaz as the November birth stone.

There was a little-known oolong about topaz. In the 17th century, in order to show off the country's financial resources, the royal crown was inlaid with a “diamond” weighing 1,640 carats, which caused a sensation. But after being identified by scientists in modern times, this "diamond" was actually just a colorless topaz.

This oolong was caused by the lack of knowledge about topaz and the lack of professional identification methods. With the development of science and technology now, the understanding of topaz yin yang necklace has deepened, and there will be no such oolong appeared. But it is also because the development of science and technology has brought some bad influence to topaz. Science and technology changed the original face of topaz.


Because the most popular colors of topaz are blue and pink, natural blue and pink topaz are more expensive and rare. But the real situation is that pink and blue topaz on the market are very common, actually because of the emergence of irradiation technology. Most of the blue topaz cheap promise rings on the market are formed after irradiation treatment. The irradiation treatment changes the colorless or brown topaz into the popular blue and pink. The price will be cheaper than natural, but the topaz after irradiation needs to be placed for six months to a year before it can be worn, otherwise there will be some radiation inside the topaz necklaces for girlfriend that will cause some harm to the body. Wearing a topaz jewelry allows us to be blessed by God and fill our lives with warmth, sweetness and happiness. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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