In the hot summer days, it is hard to stop the heat. In this high temperature day, if you want to dress up beautifully, you have to take a little thought. Aquamarine is undoubtedly a good choice. It is the birthstone of March, the guardian stone of Pisces. The color of the aquamarine is blue and clear like water. In ancient times, people think that aquamarine is the essence of sea water, symbolizing calm, brave and smart necklace with picture. The color of the aquamarine is refreshing and pleasant, just like the clear spring in the midsummer.


The Blue Summer Aquamarine - Birthstone for March

There are many large particles in the source of aquamarine, and they are often perfect and pure. The color and luster perfectly echo. The surrounding paved granules and diamonds are blended with the design of aquamarine projection necklace. The luxury is glamorous and highly layered, which perfectly reflects the charm of the ocean.


If you are a gemstone collector, try putting some colored gemstones, including aquamarine, in a dimly lit room. You will find that the one that shines brightest is the aquamarine bracelet for girlfriend! Aquamarine is very eye-catching in a dark environment, which is being transparent and shinier, earning it the reputation of "Queen of luminous gems."


Legends about the aquamarine are all related to the sea. It is also the amulet of the sailors, which is considered to be a gemstone cheap personalized necklaces connected to the ocean. But in Greek mythology, the aquamarine is the treasure of the goddess of grain, and it is the spiritual stone that promotes the growth of all things on the earth and the harvest of agriculture. In the ancient kingdom dominated by agriculture, grain is also a symbol of hope and future.


Most of the aquamarine is light blue with a slight greenish tint, and the color is like the shallow sea of the resort, fresh and pleasant. Containing iron element is why it forms this color. Both aquamarine and emerald belong to the beryl, which have good hardness and luster. The emerald personalized photo pendant necklace is rich in emerald green with chrome or vanadium element, while the iron element makes the aquamarine elegant. Although they belong to the same family, the price of emerald is higher than that of aquamarine. However, the aquamarine's clarity is generally better, and the output is larger than that of emerald. It is often have large particles of high-grade gemstone. Therefore, even ordinary people have the ability to have a top grade aquamarine infinity necklace with names.


Aquamarine is also a kind of gemstone that symbolizes love and peace. Its light blue color makes it fresh and cool. In the hot summer, to see it as blue as the sea, as if we were in the ocean, let us feel relax.


How to choose aquamarine?

  • Color. Most aquamarine is lighter in color, the bluer the better. Among the aquamarine, there is a blue temptation called Santa Maria. The color is bright, azure, without brown (yellow) hue. It is originally from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil, so it is named Santa Maria.
  • Clarity. Aquamarine is more common with rain-like inclusions. It is normal for natural gems to have some inclusions. The good clarity will be cut into crown facet, slightly less clean clarity will be cut into camber surface, and the bad clarity will be ground into round beads. The less transparent ones will be used for carving.
  • Cut. Aquamarine can be cut into various shapes. They are generally cut and grind into emerald cut, round, oval and other bright type cut, some craftsmen will also cut and grind them into some unique fancy cuts. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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