Turquoise is recognized as the "Birthstone of December" at home and abroad, symbolizing good fortune and good luck, regarded as a sacred object of happiness, representing victory and success, and has the reputation of "the stone of success".

The turquoise craft name is "turquoise". It is named because it is shaped like a pine ball and its color is close to pine green. It is one of the rare precious stones in the world and one of the four famous jade in China.

The color of turquoise custom name necklace cheap ranges from blue, green to light green and light yellow, of which blue is a valuable species. It is called "Oriental green gemstone" internationally. Turquoise products have now become an important collection. The texture of turquoise is not uniform, and the color is dark or light, even with light streaks, spots, and brown-black iron wires. There is also a large difference in the degree of compactness, with many pores being loose and at least dense and hard. After polishing, it has a soft glass luster to waxy luster. High-quality products are polished like glazed porcelain, hence the name "Porcelain Turquoise". Turquoise-Birthstone of December

Turquoise also has disadvantages, that is, turquoise is easily discolored when heated, and it is also easily discolored by strong acid corrosion. In addition, the lower the hardness of the turquoise personalised necklace cheap, the more developed the pores, the more it has the defects of water absorption and fragility. Therefore, oil stains, stains, sweat stains, cosmetics, tea, rust, etc. may enter the pores, resulting in difficult to remove discoloration. Turquoise is a more delicate jade variety. No matter it is the processing process or the use process, it needs to be taken care of. But as long as it is kept clean and free from high temperature and strong collision, there should be no problem.

Turquoise name necklace cheap has different colors due to the different elements it contains. The oxide is blue when it contains copper and green when it contains iron. Among them, blue, dark blue is opaque or slightly transparent, the color is uniform, the luster is soft, and the quality without brown iron wire is the best. The international gemstone industry divides turquoise into four grades: the first grade is Persian; the second grade is American; the third grade is Egyptian; the fourth grade is Afghanistan. The first grade is the best quality turquoise custom friendship necklace.

The best place to wear turquoise is around your neck or chest. Of course, between the eyebrows is also a good choice, wearing between the eyebrows can directly affect people's magnetic field and spirit. But in ancient times, I believe that turquoise headwear will make women more style. Turquoise infinity bracelet process requirements are mainly based on color, texture, impurities and block size. Turquoise is one of the ancient gemstones, with a splendid history of thousands of years, and it is loved by people from ancient and modern China and abroad.

With the turbulence of the art auction market in recent years, turquoise has also become a favorite of collectors, or rough, or decorative pieces, or inlaid pieces, or turquoise carved artworks, showing ancient and traditional Turquoise charm.

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