Many customers who buy jewelry have such confusion:

Will gold-plating jewelry fade? Here is the truth: the color of the plating is not its own color or grown on it, who can guarantee that it will never fade? Therefore, when buying gold plating jewelry, you must have a concept that gold plating fingerprint jewelry will fade to some extent.

What Kind of Gold Plating Jewelry Will Not Fade

No matter how good the merchant promises the product, as long as all the jewelry is not the color of the product material itself, as long as the surface is plated color, we must pay attention to maintenance. Because the color of the plating is only a layer of color on the substrate (as for how to add it, there are many kinds of processes, in short, the color is not added very thick). So the most immediate cause of discoloration is wear, followed by exposure to chemicals, which are most often overlooked by people.



Such as perfumes, essential oils, skin care oils, etc. some people will ask, Can I wear it when washing my hands or bathing? Can't it dip water? In fact, water is not a problem. The key is that hand sanitizer, soap, bath foam and other things are also chemical. These chemicals can cause decomposition and corrosion of the surface coating.


The color of some name bracelet jewelry with metal accessories of brand name jewelry will fade seriously after being worn for a period of time. Such brand name jewelry things will fade, not to mention some ordinary products. The gold plating process is also very different indeed, which can explain why some things look the same, but the price is different. Some genuine products and domestic export products have great color plating engraved necklace, but some domestic products (mostly domestic imitations) are plated one layer only for cost savings. The coating is thin, non-wear-resistant and non-corrosive. These one-plated and three-plated ornaments look no different from the outside. Only the buyer knows the secret after wearing them.



The jewelry is all gold-plated on the outer layer, on the one hand, it makes the jewelry look more brilliant, on the other hand, it also makes the jewelry have stronger oxidation resistance, and it is not easy to fade. Jewelry is the same as clothes, it will wear after wearing custom birthstone rings, and there is absolutely no discoloration, we need to pay attention to maintenance.



  1. Do often change the jewelry. Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry for long periods of time, especially in the hot summer, the jewelry plating is exposed to sweat for a long time, and it will easily be eroded. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple birthstone necklaces jewelry for frequent replacement.
  2. Jewelry is easily damaged when contact with chemicals. The aroma during bathing, the chlorine in swimming pool, and the salt in seawater will cause etch marks on the jewelry plating, so all accessories should be removed before taking a bath or swimming.
  3. It should be stored carefully because it is easy to bump and rub. Do not overlap the monogrammed necklace jewelry. It should be stored in the original packaging bag or in a jewelry box with a separate small grid to avoid rubbing the surface.
  4. Clean the jewelry from time to time. Use a soft fine brush to clean the surface of the jewelry. As long as the jewelry is properly maintained, the gold-plated jewelry will always beautiful. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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