As people's incomes increase, more and more people are no longer satisfied with buying branded necklace products, but are turning to personalized necklaces. With the increase of openness of the social environment, people are willing to pursue high-quality life and personalized emotional display. Personalized necklaces are popular in the European aristocratic class and regarded as aristocratic consumption. Why personalized necklaces are becoming more and more popular?


What are the Benefits of Personalized Necklaces

  • Accession of wealth. People are getting richer and richer. Buying necklaces can no longer reflect people's income status. Personalized necklaces can instead reflect people's income and lifestyle.
  • Personalization. The advantage of brand necklaces lies in their popularity. A necklace is designed to meet the public's aesthetic appreciation. The open and inclusive environment of modern society makes people dare to pursue a personalized lifestyle. More and more people are not satisfied with buying brand necklaces, but are more willing to custom necklaces.
  • A more romantic expression of love. Isn't it more romantic to make a unique ring for your lover? The materials that being used to make necklace are expensive, but the expensive price is not worth the preciousness of the unique expression of love.
  • Realistic economic considerations. Although people are rich, we still have to consider the price of necklaces. Brand necklaces are very expensive, in addition to material processing costs, there are also storage, logistics, labor, and publicity costs! The price of personalized necklaces is relatively much cheaper. Consumers have greater choice in the selection of materials, and the price of materials used in necklaces is also more transparent, allowing more consumers to be assured of personalization!


How to choose necklace style?

Young people is better to choose novel and colorful styles at a lower price, so that they can be changed with the fashion trend, showing their vitality. Slim and delicate skin people are suitable for wearing dark jewels yin yang necklace. In addition, people with long neck is suitable to wear hanging earrings. Girls with shorter necks should wear granular earrings.


Choose personalized necklaces jewelry according to the cultivation and hobbies to give people a different aesthetic taste. Diamonds represent strength and perseverance. Red and blue diamonds symbolize enthusiasm and boldness. Emerald is implicit and deep. Agate symbolizes fantasy and firmness. Corundum is simple and timeless. The pearl symbolizes firmness and cleanliness promise rings for her.


The price advantage of personalized-made diamond ring is very obvious. For the same diamond ring, buying the loose diamond is half price cheaper than the direct purchase of finished diamond ring. Some can be as much as 70% cheaper. For example, a 30-point PT950 diamond ring with a good color, clarity and cut is generally 1300 dollars, and some even higher. If you choose to personalized, 900 to 1000 dollars is enough. Why is this? The main reason is that the loose diamond dealers are directly getting goods from the international first-level wholesalers. There are not so many intermediate circulation links. Generally, the deduction points of big shopping malls should reach about 30% of the selling price. At present, more and more consumers choose loose diamond personalized diamond rings, especially mature consumers who have a certain understanding of diamonds necklaces for girlfriend. According to relevant media statistics, nearly 40% of people choose personalized when buying diamond jewelry such as diamond rings. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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