The setting of the gemstone ring is usually made of white gold or platinum, its beautiful and white make the jewels more charming. So, which ring is better, white gold promise ring or platinum promise ring? What are the essential differences between platinum and white gold?

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Platinum and white gold may not be distinguishable at first glance, but in essence they are two completely different precious metals. The purity of platinum is usually up to 900‰-999‰, it is a mixture of gold and other metals. The purity of 18K white gold is 75%. Platinum is pure white and never fades. White K gold is artificially mixing gold and other metals to present a white surface, it is easy to fade and yellow when worn for a long time. Platinum is heavier than other precious metals, and the same volume of platinum jewelry weighs about 40% more than white K gold jewelry custom dog necklace. The same volume of white gold jewelry is lighter than platinum jewelry.

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and can only be mined in very few places around the world. If all the platinum in the world is poured into an Olympic standard swimming pool, it is not deep enough to cover the instep. White K gold infinity name necklace is mainly composed of gold, and gold is stored much larger than platinum. Similarly, if all the gold in the world is poured into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, its depth can fill at least three swimming pools.

White gold is an alloy of gold, nickel, copper and zinc. Its hardness is higher than that of platinum, and the setting is firmer. It is rich in style, rich in color expression and its styles will be more beautiful than platinum. It’s also ideal for setting diamonds. White gold is more suitable for the delicate and complicated diamond ring. If you like platinum, you can also choose to buy a platinum plain ring to wear.

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For platinum it is Pt or platinum, the most common are Pt900, Pt950, Pt990 or Pt999.
White K gold is generally marked 18K, Au750, G750, gold 750, etc.

The relationship between platinum, K gold and diamonds


  • 1. Platinum and diamonds

The natural white color of platinum can maximize the brilliance of diamonds. Platinum is tough and wear-resistant, it can maintain its stability in a variety of extreme environments, and can safely and securely set each diamond to give the diamond a long-lasting care.

The nature of platinum is very stable and will not deteriorate or fade due to everyday wear. Its luster is always the same. No matter how long you wear it, platinum will always maintain its natural white luster and never fade.

  • 2. 18K white gold and diamonds
18K white K gold has high ductility and hardness. It is used in diamond ring design to flexibly display the ring's styling creativity. It can do relatively complicated diamond ring styles than platinum, especially the large carat diamond ring. The support is stronger than platinum, and it can protect the precious diamonds from falling off.

18K white gold has a layer of plating on the surface. Therefore, after wearing it for a long time, you will find the K white gold ring is slightly yellowish. That is because after wearing for a long time, the plating that is often rubbed will be worn away, and the original color is exposed. The best way to deal with it is to take it to the jewelry store and re-plated it to restore the brightness. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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