First, the classification of jade stone

Jewelry and jade are divided into natural jewels and artificial gems according to their genetic type (ie natural or artificial).

  • (1) Natural jewels and jade are divided into natural gemstones, natural jade and organic gemstones according to their causes and composition.

  • 1. Natural gemstones: such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.

  • 2. Natural jade: such as jadeite, nephrite, Serpentine jade and so on.

  • 3. Organic gemstones: such as pearls, corals, amber, etc. Cultured pearls are also of this type.

  • (2) Artificial gemstones are materials that are wholly or partly produced or manufactured for use as name necklace cheap and accessories, including synthetic gemstones, artificial gems, split gemstones and recreated gemstones.

  • 1. Synthetic gemstones: such as synthetic emeralds, synthetic rubies.

  • 2. Artificial gemstones: such as artificial garnet, artificial titanate, etc., such minerals have not been found in nature so far.

  • 3. Split gems: jewels and jade made of two or more pieces of materials and artificially combined, giving the overall impression, referred to as "splicing stone".

  • 4. Recreated gemstones: The pieces or pieces of natural jewels are welded or crushed into jewels and jade with an overall appearance by artificial means, such as recreated amber and recreated turquoise.

Imitation gemstones imitate artificial gemstones color, appearance, and special optical effects of natural jewels. For example, imitation diamonds, imitation emeralds, etc.

Second, the naming of jewelry and jade

At present, there is a phenomenon of naming chaos in jewelry and jade in the market. Some merchants often name cheap name necklace and jade directly by color, origin, and special optical effects. For example, the red gems are called "ruby"; the green gems are called "emerald" and "green crystal"; the synthetic cubic zirconia is called "USSR diamond" and so on. In the "Jewelry and Jade Name Standard", which was implemented on May 1, 1997, the state has strictly regulated the naming of infinity name necklace and jade. Consumers can effectively supervise the market according to the naming principle of jewellery and bar necklace

  • The naming principles of jewellery and jade are as follows:

  • 1. The name of minerals and rocks is the basic name of natural gemstone materials, such as calcium aluminum garnet and diopside. Taking into account the commodity properties of jade materials, the word "jade" is added after all major mineral names or rocks, such as serpentine jade and yangqi jade. 

  • 2. Some of the traditional names that have been generally accepted by the international jewelry industry can continue to be used, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, jadeite, nephrite and so on.

  • 3. The principle of naming the gemstone with special optical effects. In order to highlight the special optical effects of the gemstone (cat's eye effect and starlight effect, etc.), it is directly placed before and after the name of the gemstone species, such as star ruby, starlight garnet, quartz cat's eye, aquamarine cat's eye and so on. The Chrysoberyl cat's eye can be directly named "cat's eye" and enjoys "privilege", while other gemstones are not allowed to be named this way.

  • 4. The name of the artificial gem. When naming, the words “synthetic” and “artificial” should be used before the corresponding gem materials to distinguish them from natural jewels, such as synthetic emeralds and synthetic rubies.

  • 5. The naming of the split jewels. The jewels are not jewels made of a complete material. The naming should highlight the words “splicing stone” and write the name of the material before the stone, such as sapphire and sapphire splicing stone.

  • 6. Optimized naming principles for my name necklace and jade. The optimized methods include heat treatment, bleaching, and immersion of colorless oil; the treatment methods include dip color oil, filling treatment, dyeing treatment, irradiation treatment, laser drilling, surface diffusion, and so on. For the optimized jewellery and jade, the original name of name and birthstone necklace and jade is used directly when the name is named, and the optimization method is not reflected in the name. For the processed jewels, the word "handling" is indicated in brackets after the basic name of the jewel. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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