Tennis bracelets are extremely simple in design and materials. So simply wearing the top one is enough to show an overwhelming rich temperament. As the ultimate classic in wrist jewelry, I recommend it to you now.



You Can’t Miss This Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is surrounded by dazzling diamonds. It got its nickname from American women's tennis player Chris Evert, who was active in the 1980s. At the 1987 US Open, she asked the referee to interrupt the game in order to pick up the dropped diamond bracelet. In the interviews that followed, she immediately referred to the dropped bracelet as "tennis bracelet", thus setting off a wave of widespread popularity of the name.



The bracelet worn by Evert during the competition was a diamond-set single-row bracelet, made by the famous jewelry designer George Bedewi. This diamond-specific bracelet can also be set with colored gemstones, or with colored gemstones and diamonds. This event of Evert made the tennis bracelet nationwide attention, which caused the sales of this bracelet to rise sharply, and the name "tennis bracelet" has since taken root in people's hearts. This bracelet has a universal and simple design. It is unambiguous in terms of materials and workmanship, so you will never be suspected of taste. It has the excellent quality of showing no signs of flaunting, but it can also show the presence of it squarely when worn, so that it can immediately attract the attention of ladies. It will not fade with the change of time. It can be widely used whether it is gorgeous decoration or lightweight dressing, and it definitely has the value of investment. Its popularity can be fully expected as the strongest weapon in wrist jewelry.


A tennis bracelet that flashes a slightly bad temperament with black diamond is effortlessly different from the rest. The channel setting method in which gemstones are embedded in the horizontal strip-shaped metal bracket highlights the sharp line. It has a lightweight and flexible touch when worn, and it can also be easily worn.


The rows of carefully selected diamonds can be said to be spectacular. The tennis bracelet of the Tennis series, which highlights the brilliance through the classic arrangement, has a full diamond so that it does not look slender, suitable for the rugged wrists of mature men. It is a famous product that can enhance the style without any change.


A tennis bracelet is covered with a metal edge on the side of the diamond. It can give people the illusion effect that the gem looks larger, and the gold surrounding the metal also gives a gorgeous impression.


Brightly colored sapphires interact with diamonds, like a painting-like bracelet. Because it is a thin strip, it is easy to wear it with your watch or bracelet, and the price is inexpensive. Recommended as a style for tennis bracelets beginner. Because the diamond is supported by the three-point feet, the contact surface between the metal bracket and the diamond is minimized, so that the daylight is more abundant and it is particularly shiny.


Even if there's no movement, just wearing this one somehow makes it seem dramatic. It goes without saying that it matches the gorgeous costumes, and deliberately casual styles can also show a casual mood. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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