30 Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With I

30 Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With I

Do you want a baby boy’s name starting with the letter I? Or does your family lineage move with the letter I name and you want also to get one? You are indeed in the right place.

While naming a child is exciting, picking suitable names for your newborn may also be tricky. Worry less since this article has to your relief all popular and uncommon names that start with the letter I.

Names starting with the letter I am distinct in their styling. They draw other people’s attention with their irresistible appeal. 

Popular Boy Names That Start With I

If you are considering popular names, here are the 15 most common names that start with I that can impress you—they are together with their meanings.

It’s a list of biblical, old, and upgraded names for you.

1. Isaac 

This popular but cute name originated from the Old Testament when Abraham and Sarah got a baby. Sarah laughed that they were old for a baby hence the name’s meaning “laughter.”

Isaac will bring joy to your son as the name suggests. A genius namesake, Sir Isaac Newton falls under it.

2. Isaiah 

Isaiah is of Hebrew origin meaning “salvation of God.” 

The best legend that gave this special name is the prophet Isaiah of the Old Testament who is the author of the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah is marked by the much he did in Israel for God’s work. Your son can as well emulate him.

3. Ian 

Ian is a Scottish form of John, meaning “God is gracious.” A special name for your baby showing God’s grace upon him.

A famous bearer of this name is Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.

4. Ivan 

If you love Russian names, then Ivan is best for your child. It is a Russian form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”

Ivan III the Great and Ivan IV the Terrible bore this name; they were rulers of Russia.

5. Idris 

Idris is of Welsh and Arabic origin and means “interpreter.”

The name was relatively unknown until a cool actor emerged called Idris Elba in “The Star Of The Wire“.

6. Iker 

Iker is a Basque name meaning “visitation.”

Iker Casillas, the Spanish goalkeeper, popularized this cool name. It has been rising in European countries recently

It is ranked among the top names in America and Spain.

7. Ignacio 

Ignacio is a Spanish form of Ignatius, meaning “fiery one.” It seems to light the world a flame.

Many saints in history were named Ignacio. You can make your little one shine with this name.

8. Ichiro 

Ichiro is a Japanese name meaning “first son.” It is pronounced as EE-CHEE-RO.

Traditionally, the firstborn sons in Japan were named Ichiro to identify them as the number one sons.

9. Ismael 

Ismael is originally a Hebrew name that means  “God will hear.” It comes from the Old Testament, a son of Abraham and Hagai. 

It’s believed Hagai had been chased away by Sarah and named her son Ismael for God to intervene.

10. Ishaq 

Ishaq is an Arabic form of Isaac, meaning “laughter.”It is also a Quranic name.

Though it sounds funny, Ishaq was a prophet of Islam and the ancestor of Prophet Muhammad. Ishaq is an excellent name for a baby boy.

11. Ivo 

Ivo means “archer’s bow.” It is of French and German origins.

The name connects the baby with the earth’s beauty and the trees that sprout from it. 

12. Ivar 

The name is of Scandinavian origin meaning “archer or warrior.”

The name comes from the yew tree used to create powerful bows. Ivar will be a son growing to face life with no fear.

13. Irving 

Irving means “green river, sea friend.” It is considered a popular option among Hebrew names in the United States.

It’s a name that evokes logical reasoning and is best for your kid.

14. Imran 

Imran means “prosperity and happiness.” It’s the Arabic form of Amram

If you are Arab or love Arabs, it’s a great name to consider for your boychild.

It is occasionally used when referring to the father of the Virgin Mary.

15. Indigo 

Indigo is a blue shade named after the plant that produces the dye. It’s best for parents who like color names.

The name is an attractive and stylish name popular to fit in.

Uncommon Baby Boy Names That Start With I 

Unique and outstanding names that start with “I” are stylish and mark individuality.

1. Icarus 

It is a Greek mythology of the son of Daedalus called Icarus who flew too close to the sun. He had escaped Minos’ labyrinth using wings made from wax, and his wings melted.

If Greek myths are your favorite, use this cool name. 

2. Inigo

Inigo is a rare English name meaning “fiery.” The name is the short form of Ignatius.

Architect Inigo James is a great namesake.

3. Iktomi 

Iktomi has the meaning “spider” in the folklore Lakota Sioux tribe. 

The Iktomi was a sacred spider spirit and the firstborn son of the creator Wakan Tanka.

By naming your son Iktomi, you are giving him roles: to be wise and spiritually aware.

4. Ilan 

Ilan is an Israeli masculine name that means “tree.”

The name was given when trees were planted to celebrate the new state of Israel. So it signifies new life. Ilan symbolizes strength and growth, perfect for your son’s future development.

5. Ilo 

Ilo is a Finnish name that means “joyful or happy.” It’s primarily an African male name from Nigeria described as sunshine. 

6. Indraneel

This is an Indian name meaning “sapphire” which represents specialty. Most males having this name are Hindu by religion.

7. Ion 

Ion is a Greek name meaning “God is gracious.”

This name is linked to one of the greatest writers in Greece, Homer, who wrote the Iliad and Odyssey.

It will make your son stand out with this unique name.

8. Isambard 

Isambard is a unique name that means “iron bear” in Old Germanic and Old French.

It is derived from the old German Isanbert meaning ‘bright iron’ or ‘famous iron.’

A boy named Isambard will grow up exhibiting great qualities as he strives for the best.

9. Ishaan 

This is an Indian Sanskrit name meaning “sunrise or dawn”

In India, the sun is represented by the Hindu god Surya. Its short form is Shan or Isha.

10. Isidor 

Isidor is of Greek origin meaning “gift of Isis” in Ancient Greek mythology.

It is a combination of the Egyptian goddess name ‘Isis and the Greek word ‘Doron’ meaning gift.

Your son can be named as a special goddess gift.

11. Ives 

Ives is an Old French or Germanic name that means “yew” a generally made weapon.

Ives is believed to have originated from the Old French personal name. In English, the meaning of the name is Achaer’s bow. You can name your child with this heroic name.

12. Izsak 

The Hungarian form of Isaac— Izsak comes from the Hebrew name Isaac meaning ‘laughter’. Isaac being a popular name, Izsak can replace it uniquely.

13. Ilya 

Ilya is a Russian form of Elijah, meaning “my God is Yahweh” or “The Lord Is My God.”

It’s also of the Greek form Elias, making it a convenient way to honor various heritage. Ilya can help your baby keep faith and beliefs at the forefront of everything he does.

14. Izan 

Izan is a Basque name meaning “give birth.”  Using it in another language like Arabic will spoil its context since it means obedience in Quaran.

You can offer it to your womb opener child if you have been declared barren before.

15. Idan 

This is a Hebrew name meaning “era, epoch, or time. It marks a new season or era in life.

As the name suggests, your named first son child will represent you or a family as a whole making a family.


Having found a great name for your son, his entire life can be acknowledged from his name. The best name you have chosen for him carries his prestige and honor. As people refer to him, this personality grows. Congratulations! What a wonderful name you picked.

However, naming and birth ceremonies are never complete without unique gifts at the end. It’s expected that someone literally carried something in there as a congratulatory gift.

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